Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Old Kentucky Home

It's definitely true that I'm proud to be a Kentuckian. It's also very true that Kentucky has a very bad reputation throughout the nation. This stems from long traditions of poverty and tobacco production. BUT, Kentucky is on the move. My latest obsession is the Kentucky for Kentucky campaign which was recently launched to "rebrand" Kentucky's image to showcase all the amazing things that actually do take place here.

Not only is the campaign showcasing our prized possessions: Bourbon, Bluegrass Music, & the Kentucky Derby, this campaign attempts to highlight the figures within Kentucky history that deserve national recognition. The reason that this campaign means so much to me is because it is innovative and nontraditional in its approach to actually get people to have pride in their home state. Simply put, the campaign slogan states "Kentucky Kicks Ass" -- who could disagree with that?

The campaign also addresses the issue of border lines in Kentucky history. Without question, we were a slave state in the Civil War Era, however, the geography of Kentucky puts us in a strange position. Not quite north, not quite south, and definitely not midwest, Kentucky stands on its own. The trend, however, is to identify with southern traditions, including that of southern hospitality, which I think is particularly important. This mentality slows down the pace of life and emphasizes reflection and nostalgia. Overall, I wish I was the one who created this amazing campaign and they deserve your support!


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